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About Us

Firefly Illumination is an emerging American manufacturer of energy efficient lighting solutions. We provide a line-up of interior and exterior energy efficient lighting fixtures that allow you to significantly reduce operation and maintenance costs, while providing a superior quality of light. Our products offer industry leading value across a full spectrum of lighting applications.

Utilizing cutting edge high output LED components and unique thermal management concepts, Firefly creates high output LED solutions that provide industry leading performance and value.  Firefly has unique high peforming LED new fixtures and retrofit solutions for nearly all high output ligthing applications.  Firefly products are proudly manufactured in the USA.      

Firefly also offers high performance T5 and T8 flourescent solutions a wide range of applications.  Firefly's product serve most common lighting applications, including:

  • Parking lot new fixture and retrofit kits
  • Streetlights
  • Parking Garages
  • Interior High Bays
  • Wall Packs
  • Custom retrofit kits
  • Architectural interior fixtures

The engineering and manufacturing team at Firefly Illumination has over 50 years of experience in creating top quality lighting solutions for any application. Whether it is the revolutionary SBLK area light retofit kit, the FHB dome style LED high bay, or any of our other products, our team is dedicated to helping you maximize the performance and value of your lighting assets.

Our sales and customer service team is dedicated to ensuring that we provide the right solution for your application and to help you capitalize on existing incentives to make your project a success.