I just wanted to follow up on our great walk through looking at the FireFly Fixtures in action in the PA Auto Dealers parking lot. Needless to say, very impressed! Footcandle readings were greater in some areas and the same in others, as compared to the existing Metal Halides. Certainly impressed regarding the CRI levels which certainly made the colors of the vehicles pop. One thing that I did notice is that my eyes were not attracted so much to the light as they normally would be with a Metal Halide or Induction solution. It was a nice even light that provide enough lumens without the glare.
- Brian Kennedy
  Director of Sales and Marketing, NXEGEN
“We are extremely pleased with the completion of our lighting project. The Firefly fixtures have provided us as promised, with a superior product at a reasonable cost… We have been able to save $6,000-$10,000 per month in energy costs between both our facilities…”
- Shawn M. Varble
   CFO, Citrus Motors